Avoid Costly Letters From Attorneys – 5 Min Video Tip


People put content—all kinds of good content—on the Internet: photos, articles, videos, music, drawings, and more.

You need some content–maybe an article. Add a photo to attract readers.

You search; you find just exactly what you need.

You copy; that’s so easy to do.

You paste.

There. Done. You’ve saved a lot of time. Why re-invent the wheel?

Well, it’s about COPYRIGHT LAW.

You could be breaking the law and you don’t even know it!

I speak to groups about the impact of copyright in our daily lives.

I bring some FUN to an important but confusing, complicated, and potentially dull but very relevant topic.

For an overview of what you want to know about COPYRIGHT, I urge you to watch this 5-minute video.      Don’t let this happen to YOU!



Let me know if/how I succeeded in injecting some FUN while providing helpful information about copyright.

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Barbara C. Ingrassia, MLS, AHIP, CCM
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