Pirates want to steal YOUR Content!

In honor of

International Talk Like a Pirate Day

(Sept 19):

I created this short video to remind us all that there a people out there who want to steal our content for their own sites. Some even grab published books and offer them for sale on bogus websites. (The scammers may just take the money and not deliver anything–except frustration. Then again…)

We devote our time and talents to create original content.

Our livelihoods and our reputations are at stake.



Remember, it’s about COPYRIGHT LAW.


Take a next step:

I speak to groups about the impact of copyright in our daily lives. If you know of a group or organization that could use a speaker or trainer on the basics of Copyright, please connect me!

I also offer a complimentary Copyright Consultation. Would like to know ways to protect YOUR OWN content from others stealing or using it without YOUR authorization?



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