Are you protecting your booty?

In honor of International Talk Like A Pirate Day (September 19), let’s hear from a pirate who has found 21st century GOLD.

What’s your “booty?”

Do you have personal web content offering tips and strategies on your area of expertise? This may be:

  • Blog updates
  • Marketing material incentives
  • Informative articles
  • Video messaging
  • Sound recordings
  • Photos

Your original works are ‘GOLDEN.’ Protecting your goldmine requires diligent planning and follow-up. You’re probably thinking, Follow-up? What do you mean by follow-up? One of my clients did the research, planned her website protection execution, and posted it in the footer on her site. Two years later, her web data was imported into a new website theme. It wasn’t until six months later that she noticed that both her privacy notice and her terms and conditions were missing, leaving her completely unprotected. Since that time, she has replaced her notifications but has noticed that others are using her words and phrases. If she had been more diligent, this wouldn’t have happened. Now there is nothing she can do but go through the steps I suggested in a previous post.  Notifying a Thief It’s Time to Back Off

Important Tip: Review your site. If you had your terms and conditions on your site previously, follow up to make sure they are still there and up to date.

Avast Matey! Come aboard! The law states you are required to have a privacy notice on your website, otherwise you’ll be walking the plank. Hook me in now to schwab your deck, make sure your message is shipshape, and guard your “booty.” 40-minute Buried Treasure Hunt

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