Want to Interview Barbara or Invite Her to Speak for Your Event?

If you are a member of the press and wish to interview Barbara or you are an event planner or speaker booker inquiring about having Barbara speak at your event, conference, on TV, your podcast, or simply provide a quote or key content for an article, please email: barb@managecopyright.com or call (508) 277-0709. 

The following is a list of Presentation Topics that Barbara, speaks on to groups, organizations and businesses in general.  If you are interested in a topic other than what is listed here, contact us and inquire. 

All of these talks are best as a keynote or 90-minute presentation however we can shorten them for 60 or 30-minute presentations or expand them to full day or multi-day, hands-on trainings as needed.  Barbara always gives, high-content, high-value presentations that are energetic, motivating and fun for all audiences.  

These are HOT TOPICS and there isn’t anyone out there talking about them in such a comprehensive manner.  Barbara has a style of teaching and speaking that makes it easy and fun for anyone to follow along, be inspired and to take away more than enough implementable strategies.

Barbara is a paid speaker and workshop facilitator whose fees range from $1,500-6,000 per keynote. Her fees are negotiable depending on the organization, event, group, distance or needs for travel, materials needed and more.

Barbara also will consider waiving or reducing her fee if she can sell or promote her books and services from the stage. However we always ask that at minimum we can hold a drawing and/or have a display table in the room during the entire event as well to offer books and free stuff if we’re waiving or reducing our speaker fee for any reason.  We are open to discussing opportunities for offering a commission to the event coordinator for anything we do sell; please let us know if you are interested in this or if you have the budget to purchase books for all your attendees to walk away with.