Oh Crap! You’ve Been Robbed

Your content has been used without your permission. Now what do you do? Remember that story I told you in the previous video about the person whose content on the web had been stolen. Content theft That was bad enough, but  it was stolen and used by a friend, or […] Read more »

Guard Your Goldmine from Internet Fraud

Have you ever seen your content on someone else’s website? ‘Frustrating, isn’t it? I’m sure you’ve heard stories about people who have received letters from an attorney accusing them of using someone else’s images or blog content without permission. The next sentence in that letter is always a demand for […] Read more »

Don’t be tricked out of your copyrights

I know. You’re excited by the opportunity to be published. But don’t sign anything before you read–and understand–the entire Agreement. If you are the copyright owner, you have the exclusive rights to: copy/reproduce distribute create derivative works display publicly perform publicly OR authorize others to exercise any or all of […] Read more »

Pirates want to steal YOUR Content!

In honor of International Talk Like a Pirate Day (Sept 19): I created this short video to remind us all that there a people out there who want to steal our content for their own sites. Some even grab published books and offer them for sale on bogus websites. (The […] Read more »

Have You Ever Done a Google Image Search?

If you have, you’re one of the millions who have done a Google Image Search. You probably got hundreds of results. However did you know that the majority of photos out there on the Internet are protected by some type of copyright? And YOU do NOT have authority to just […] Read more »

Avoid Costly Letters From Attorneys – 5 Min Video Tip

  People put content—all kinds of good content—on the Internet: photos, articles, videos, music, drawings, and more. You need some content–maybe an article. Add a photo to attract readers. You search; you find just exactly what you need. You copy; that’s so easy to do. You paste. There. Done. You’ve […] Read more »

Does Copyright Law Scare You? NO! It Doesn’t Affect Me!

         ©              Copyright Trick or Treat Does Copyright Law Scare You?         Find out this week in Copyright Trick or Treat “I don’t own any copyrights, so I don’t have to worry about copyright law.” TRICK Since 1989, a copyright notice © is no longer required, […] Read more »

Try Copyright Trick or Treat: Government documents?

         ©       Copyright Trick or Treat Does Copyright Law Scare You?         Find out this week in Copyright Trick or Treat “What about content created by the US Government?”       TREAT !! Most works issued by the U.S. Government are not protected by copyright and are […] Read more »