Do You Need to Worry About Copyright Laws?

Well, you do if any of the following situations apply to you:

  • You’re posting photos from the Internet on your website or social media without having purchased the rights to use them
  • You’re posting content on your website, blog, in your email or printed newsletters or posting on social media
  • You’re doing presentations to your company, clients or groups
  • You don’t want anyone to steal or copy your content without your permission
  • You don’t want to be sent a Cease and Desist Letter for the company name you chose or other infringement you may have unknowingly made
  • Worse yet, you don’t want to be sued for using someone’s copyright protected content and have to pay thousands of dollars because your attorney cannot get you off

This is why company CEOs, organization directors and various entrepreneurs hire me!

I help you abide by the laws in regard to using outside content and help you protect YOUR content in many different ways.

Do You want to:

  • WRITE instead of WORRY?
  • AVOID the slippery slope of Plagiarism vs. Copyright Infringement?
  • MANAGE Copyright so it doesn’t Manage You?

I can guide you through all of this and more!

My name is Barbara Ingrassia and I’m a Certified Copyright Manager.

I work with the following types of companies and organizations (in slightly different ways) Where do you fall?

  1. Organizations, Non-profits, Associations
  2. Midsize to Large Companies
  3. Small businesses and Entrepreneurs

Where should you start if you’re concerned right now or just want to know more?

  1. If you have no idea how you and your business or organization could be affected by copyright law for yourself or what you’re putting out there, then I recommend doing one of my Complimentary Strategy Sessions so we can figure out what you may need and if or how I can help you. CLICK HERE TO FILL OUT THE QUESTIONS TO SCHEDULE THAT CALL.
  2. If you are doing a major overhaul of your website, marketing materials, or staff within your company/organization and you’d like all of it reviewed, analyzed and updated according to effective copyright law, then we will most likely need some sort of project work to fulfill your needs. Therefore I recommend doing the Complimentary Strategy Session so we can determine first if we’re a good fit to work together or not and then the decided upon plan of action. (Project work varies by client but can range between $500-$4000).
  3. If you know there are some issues within your company/organization or with your staff being educated on effective copyright management, and you have a few questions or areas you’d like me to review and give you advice regarding, then I recommend you start out right away with my Initial 60-Minute Copyright Assessment. This call is a one-time call for just $97.  CLICK THE PAY PAL BUTTON TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS SPECIAL OFFER TODAY!



**** What My Services Such as the Initial 60-Minute Copyright Assessment Could Include****

We could discuss:

COPYRIGHT and Your Content Development

Some Possible Topics:

  • Incorporation of images
  • Use of Public Domain content
  • Protection of Your Original Content


We could review Your:

  • Webpage
  • Marketing Materials
  • Best Practices
  • Permissions Process
  • Licenses
  • Use of images and 3rd party content

for possible areas of concern re: COPYRIGHT


Safeguard Your Time, Money,Reputation


For Just $97


Initial 60-Minute Copyright Assessment




Note:  While I do not give legal advice, I promise that you will receive real value from this conversation.

I am a Certified Copyright Manager with over 6 years’ experience in copyright compliance education and a seasoned professional librarian—with a passion to empower others to release their creativity.