Thank you so much for leading us in such an informative discussion of “10 Things Every Business Needs to Know About Copyright.” We all left your session with a much better understanding of copyright rules, and I am sure we will all be more cautious in the future. You did a fabulous job presenting the material, and the handouts are a keeper!

J. Stanovich, Executive Director, Holden Area Chamber of Commerce 

Prior to taking this position, I worked for private companies that did not pay particular attention to copyright issues. Therefore, the training and guidance I received from Ms. Ingrassia was extremely important in helping me to make sure that all the projects that I worked on here complied with copyright law. Ms. Ingrassia answered specific questions regarding website postings and appropriate use of materials. Some of the questions were very complicated and required research on the part of Ms. Ingrassia. She provided me with thoughtful, detailed answers to my questions in a timely fashion. I always felt confident in the guidance I received and I would not hesitate to contact Ms. Ingrassia in the future with copyright questions.

B. Grimes-Smith, MPH

As a resource for the entire campus…Barbara was an exceptionally dedicated and knowledgeable colleague. She would go out of her way to be of assistance and to seek the answers to challenging issues and questions. I have been teaching at institutions of higher education for over 30 years at 8 different institutions. Never have I encountered anyone more knowledgeable about copyrights and copyrighting than Barbara Ingrassia. In addition to her knowledge and expertise, she also has an exceptional talent to teach and convey this complicated information to faculty and students, and then, further, to help us easily implement the expectations and standards.

J. F. Hale, PhD, RN, FNP