Oh Crap! You’ve Been Robbed

Your content has been used without your permission. Now what do you do? Remember that story I told you in the previous video about the person whose content on the web had been stolen. Content theft That was bad enough, but  it was stolen and used by a friend, or […] Read more »

Guard Your Goldmine from Internet Fraud

Have you ever seen your content on someone else’s website? ‘Frustrating, isn’t it? I’m sure you’ve heard stories about people who have received letters from an attorney accusing them of using someone else’s images or blog content without permission. The next sentence in that letter is always a demand for […] Read more »

©K… What is C©pyRight all about?

Copyright is the right to make a copy. Copyright law protects original works of authorship that have been fixed in a tangible form of expression. Copyright occurs at the moment the work is fixed in a tangible form of expression. “The fixation need not be directly perceptible as long as […] Read more »